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I’m currently taking 1mg of folic acid from Healthway. But my doctor told me to get the 5mg folic acid of any brand cos I’m thalassemic. However, I’ve read articles that too much folic acid can cause autism and asthma. Should I get 5mg as told my gynae? Shouldn’t I be taking iron pills if I’m thalassemic?

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I've read about that too. Folic acid is use to treat or prevent folate defiency anemia. 5mg is the normal intake during the early pregnancy which is totally generally safe to take. It is for your baby's skulls, spinal cord, etc. Gynae won't prescribed you any if it's risky for your health. Will eventually increase the intake when you've reached 14 weeks pregnant. I'm thalassemic too (Beta) and currently on 21st Century Pre Natal Multivitamins which was prescribed to me & drinking Anmum Materna Milk which my gynae gave the thumbs up.

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2y ago

No problem. I can assure you it is safe. Best is ask your gynae. Trust them as you will be the one who will be seeing them monthly. They also know your health condition better. I have consumed Obimin (before it changed to the current 21st Century) and also the same Anmum Materna Milk for my previous pregnancy. My son is 9 yrs today. Normal, healthy and active 😊😅