Which Gynae should I go to?

I am currently a subsidised patient at KKH. But was told that during delivery, it will be done by midwives and my usual consultations are done by a team of medical officers (not guaranteed the same people each time). I feel a little bit uncomfortable with this. My first child was delivered by a private gynae in a mount A and the delivery fees and neonatal fees are mindblowing (amounting to almost 20k). Not sure if I wanna go back to that gynae. But I'm wondering if I should get a specialist gynae from kkh. What should I do?#pregnancy #advicepls

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This worry is unfounded as if you choose gynae, in any case of emergency that needs immediate judgement or decision, decision will be from your gynae. What if your gynae is not available or attending to other patients that cannot attend to you. Labour wait can be long and end up complicated. I delivered my LO safely in KKH as a subsided patient. No worries on it.

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U can get a private gynae at nuh which i recommend, many good gynae there, i recommend A/Prof Su lin lin or A/prof Citra, both are pro natural. I Took A1 single ward bed , total about 4k cash to fork out if u are foreigner. And 2k plus if u are local sporean.

Hmm I really feel delivering as a subsidised patient is not a problem. Midwives or gynae, they are indeed professionals.

You change have the subdizied one now and change to private nearer to your EDD to save cost.

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We went under subsidised up till ard 6 mths den switched to pvt to save cost..