morning sickness

I'm 7 weeks 3 days pregnant and still don't feel any morning sickness or any weird symptoms besides feeling tired/fatigue. Is it normal?

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Normal.. i start my morning sickness at 9weeks.

Yup, I’m in w19 and don’t have fatigue during my pregnancy. Also, just have giddiness, headaches and bloatedness but these start around w10 onwards

Yes. Tired n fatigue itself is already a lot to deal with! Rest a lot!

yes its normal. diff people, diff.

Yes it is normal I don’t have any morning sickness and weird symptoms too

Yes po, it's normal ,i feel that too, 7 weeks and 6 dys already... But sometimes i already experiencing morning sickness but not everyday..

It's normal. My first pregnancy, i have all those symtoms after 3 months +. But my second pregnancy now. I get all those things on my 2 months +. And its worst than the first one. You should be happy that you didn't feel those things. I suffered, yet still proud that i could make it through.

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Yep. Not all show symptoms. And, it’s something to be thankful for; others suffer because of these.

Hey, yes it's fine not to have any morning sickness. I didn't have it too. There is no need to worry. Your body may be strong enough to handle the rapid rise in the level of pregnancy hormones. In few cases, a lack of morning sickness could indicate that the hormone levels are much lower than normal, and that there is an increased risk of miscarriage. As long as your ob-gyn thinks your hormone levels look good, you should be fine. Also, most women get their morning sickness between weeks 8 and 14. So you might experience symptoms later!

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Same with me!