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I'm craving pineapple. I am in my 2nd month. Is it safe to eat it? I have heard some stories that say it is not safe.

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They say it’s safer a to eat a piece or two as long as you don’t eat the entire pineapple. Lol. Best is to get advise from your doctor as he/she would know about your pregnancy better.

I personally had a few slices when I was in my second trimester. No harm as long as not eaten in large quantities. But please check with your doc!

You can have pineapples in moderation. U need to eat tons lots of it to have contraction. Tons lots like entire hdb block kind amount

Hi! I’d recommend you to avoid pineapples and papaya. You won’t know how much is safe to consume. Everyone’s body is different

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Pineapples are high in sugar so hence should be avoided but a few slices to satisfy your craving won’t hurt 🙂

I eat them in moderation. I crave for pineapples too. Usually eat 3 4 slices. That’s all

Moderately. Maybe cut it up in bite sizes then eat a few? I only eat them on pizzas 🤣

Better avoid it. I personally never had it because it’s considered unsafe

I avoided it only during first trimester ..

Not safe to consume. Better to avoid.