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Im almost 29 weeks preggy.. ive been having sleepless nights matter how mny pillows i have, i still cant sleep. Turn left & right doesnt even work. #firstbaby #1stpregnnt any suggestion or advise mummies ?

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I try to avoid afternoon/day naps so i can get a good night sleep! I know it can be quite difficult at times, especially when your body is tired during the day and you just need naps so badly. Try to make yourself tired during the day, like brisk walking, simple pregnancy-safe exercises at home. When I couldn’t sleep at night, i followed pregnancy yoga stretched and it made me yawn and i slept afterwards! Works like magic 🤣 You can search these pregnancy Yoga/stretches via Youtube. It’s very calming and will make you sleepy.. Also try oils like Lavender to make you relax.. can ask your hubby to give you light back rubs, head rubs etc. My hubby does that before bedtime and it really helps to make me sleepy. All the best mummy!

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