Feeling cold

I’m about 5 weeks into the pregnancy and I’m always feeling cold. I heard that pregnant women are often feeling hot. Should I be worried?

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I'm about to complete my first trimester, and have been feeling cold more easily than before. Used to do grocery shopping in supermarket or walk around malls in sleeveless tops and shorts but now I feel cold wearing the same.

Yup, I was cold for all my first trimester. I couldn’t even go into the mall without shivering and much less going to the fridge to get juices. Started to warm up more now that I’m early in the second trimester.

I did feel cold during first trimester. I always wore the sweater when I went out. When I reached second trimester, I started feeling warm. I am currently at third trimester. I sleep without blanket in air con room.

You’re only in 1st trimester. Wait till you reached 2nd/3rd . The weight you’re carrying and your hormones. You will surely feel hot at some point eventho the fan/aircon is on .

usually in the past i love the aircon and will on them at 20 degree. but now that i am 6weeks pregnant, i get cold very easily when the aircon is only 22.....

Totally normal during the 1st trimester as your body is going through alot of hormonal changes. You'll start feeling warm in the middle or last stage of 2nd trimester.

I felt cold during my 1st tri. wrap myself in blanket even in living room. but felt hot when enter 2nd tri till bb born

i felt the same way too during my first trimester! but it stopped once i was in my second going third trimester. 😉

I started to feel warmer more easily when approaching third trimester.

Normally you will start feeling hot in your last trimester