Jelly like red discharge drop onto the floor

I’m 8 week today, started bleeding this morning, and then a jelly like discharge drop onto the floor. I rushed to the a&e, I was given a jab and asked to go back to rest? No need for ultrasound and it is very common? Is it really common?

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I had this but fortunately not during pregnancy, it’s during my period, i was told it’s a blood clot, and was advised to drink less iced water, but that’s during menstruation. I’m not so sure about this for pregnancy. Hope it will shed some light or realisation in finding the reason why but don’t fret too much, trust ur doc, if he say it’s normal then I Guess it’s common.

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2y ago

That’s not very nice but nonetheless just don’t drink too much cold okay? And observe to see if the bleeding continues. Usually bleeding is normal during some stages of pregnancy.