Bleeding please help

I'm 7 weeks 4 days pregnant, I'm kinda worried now, as i realize there's a blood after having sex with my husband. About 1 hr later i thought was my discharge pregnancy issues, but i rush to the toilet and check it was watery blood. 😭 I did worried and angry at the same time with my husband. As my 5th pregnancy i don't feel wanted to have sex either. I'm using a pad right now. Im sure the blood still came out when i was putting the pad and washing up again. 😭😭😭 What symptoms is this 😭 I'm scared #pleasehelp #advicepls #pregnancy #ingintahu

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Same experience at 8 week plus went to kkh o&g bleed thru a pad in an hour was given the same meds 3 times a day for 2 weeks bleeding subsided. Currently 33 weeks. Been wanting sex but hubby refuse to touch me until now sInce that day. Not sure if it’s alright to have sex after that .

gynae told me still can have pregnancy sex until 7 month but also informed to stop if there is blood after sex but didn't say anything about it being serious tho. hopefully it goes away in a couple of days for you but in any doubts, suggest to consult your gynae ASAP. take care.

7mo ago

thank you yes i did go kkh today my baby is fine but i need to take Dydroagesterone tablet till 2 weeks.

Normal to have some spotting after sex but in your case you may want to go to A&E to be sure.

7mo ago

my 1st experience was really nightmare. thank you mummy for sharing.

It could be threatening miscarriage and you need to go see doc if it doesn’t stop

7mo ago

yes i do research that too, the blood stop next morning, but i did go kkh for safety.