Fresh red discharges on pad, that turns brown later

I’m 5w3d, i am on endometrin using vaginal suppository. Has been inserting them for past 2 weeks. I noticed pink diluted spotting on the vaginal suppository last thurs, followed by brown spotting from sat and sun. What shock me happened on Sunday evening, when I went to pee, I saw fresh red on my padding, so shocked and sad, I went back to bed rest for 1 hour and went to PEE again. Maybe it was because I’m in bed rest, the discharge has turned brown, and flowed into the toilet bowl with the pee And 1 hour later, the remaining brown discharge was found in the bowl after another pee I’m afraid and scare now

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It is better to get advice from your doctor just to be in safe side

2y ago

Really afraid to face any truth

Complete bed rest yesterday, so far so good