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Hello! I'm 5 weeks+ pregnant now and unfortunately my first gynae session would only be in 2+weeks time. Would it be too late? I understand that week 6/7 visit to Gynae is an important milestone. #pregnancy

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1st trimester supplements to take 5mg folic acid duphaston if you have spotting if you go to the hospital too early, you will only see the sac. between wk 7-8 you will be able to see baby's heartbeat through transvagina scan from wk 12, you will be able to have transabdominal scan. you get to do a blood test NIPT to check for anomalies like down syndrome etc and you can get to know baby's gender.

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I’m at week 9 now. And my first obstetrics appt is scheduled in 1month’s time. I was worried it was too long to wait. So I just went to my GP while I’m at week 6 to check my on my ECG (my chest was hurting, but ended up it’s just my breasts are growing hahaha!), and the doctor told me it’s normal. If they scan at week 6, nothing to see. ☺️

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7 weeks is definitely a better time because you can likely see the heartbeat then ☺️🙌🏻 Going before it (if you do not have any bleeding etc) kinda just makes us more nervous because we likely won’t be able to see anything much in the scan. 😅

Not really compulsory unless got bleeding or bad cramps if not can go visit at 9 weeks then doc will ask u make appt for Oscar scan at 12 weeks preg. Early scan is to check for baby heartbeat and if it is ectopic

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I’m experiencing this too. Just entered week 5 and i’m a little worried now.

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Congrats! Seeing gynae for the first time in week 7-8 is fine. There's not much they need to do except scan to see how big baby is and give you supplements.If too early you won't get to see baby

Yes normal to have first visit 7-8 weeks cause if go earlier nothing much to see too. Unless you have cramps or bleeding, if not then just stay positive and wait for the 1st visit!

i first found out i was pregnant when i was already in my 9th weeks 2 days. haha. from there then they arrange me follow up check ups

I first found out when I was 5weeks+ and the next one is 1 month later. Doc said everything’s fine as long as no bleeding. :)

I'm 7 weeks now and my first appt when I'm 11 weeks only..... so it is fine yeah sis.. ☺️

7 weeks is better. congrats