Folic Acid dosage ?

Hello! i’m at 4wks now have yet to see a gynae/doc yet cos i have yet to decide which gynae to go to. i went to pharmacy to buy folic acid and is 5mg 🤣 can i know the recommended dosage for folic acid ? did i buy a wrong one ? or i have to consume multiple pills instead of just 1 pill a day? #folicacid #1sttime_mommy #cluelessme

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I bought 5mg tablet from guardian pharmacy when I realised I was pregnant after testing at clinic at 5 weeks. GP told me to get 5mg/tablet from pharmacy and consume, just 1 tablet per day. important to take it as early as possible cos it helps w fetus spinal growth and reduce the risk of spinal defects. congratulations to u too! can arrange for gynae appt from week 6 onwards and probably can see a sac w embryo by then. also, bonus if u can see it flickering as it is an indication of the heartbeat! :)

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