Folic Acid dosage ?

Hello! i’m at 4wks now have yet to see a gynae/doc yet cos i have yet to decide which gynae to go to. i went to pharmacy to buy folic acid and is 5mg 🤣 can i know the recommended dosage for folic acid ? did i buy a wrong one ? or i have to consume multiple pills instead of just 1 pill a day? #folicacid #1sttime_mommy #cluelessme

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You may want to refer to the recommended daily dosage on the packaging, usually it is stated on the bottle and you may follow suits for now till you consult your gynae if there is a need to adjust the dosage. Take care mama!

11mo ago

hello elodie ok! thanks a lot for sharing ! waiting for gynae clinic to get back to me on appt 😆 can’t wait ! 🤭🥰