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I’m 35weeks, but baby only 2.1KG. Dr say its okay, baby are classified to small-medium size. How about you guys? How many weeks are you guys in and how many kgs?

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At 32+3 weeks my baby was 1.88kg and was also classified as small size but at 34+3 weeks she became 2.43kg. What I did was to eat steak and avocado once a week for those two weeks. Maybe you can try to up your healthy fats and protein intake? :)

37weeks scan estimated 3.2kg 😊 My 1st child was estimated 3.6kg+ at 38weeks+ appt, but born the very next day weighing 3.88kg. My 2nd child was estimated 3.6kg+ at 38weeks+ appt, but born few days later weighing 3.5kg in actual.

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I’m 36 weeks and baby at 2.6kg. My nutritionist advice to eat more protein and calcium. So what I did was to eat cheese, drink milk or soya bean and cooked egg on a daily basis. And it helped. Prior to this my baby was small too.

At 34 weeks my baby was 2.1kg and gynae said it was okay as I am small built myself. Don’t worry so much!

My baby is not even 2kg at 35weeks. But came out almost 3kg at week 39. It will be fine.

Doctor knows best. Else diff info will just make you more anxious 😬

My baby came out at 2.6kg, week 40+3.

35 weeks - 2.65kg

37+2 @ 3.3kg😅