Pregnant and frustration,pissed off with spouse.

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I am literally pissed off and frustrated with my spouse... He always reach home late, if it's not 12midnight he won't be at home. Once he reach home,, he doesn't know how to prioritize his hygiene... Like shower first before coming to bed..not only that ,, he always want to have sex. When I reject him or move away from him,, he will sigh and ask me what is the problem with me... I am all day long tired doing the house chores,, handling 3 other children of ours..every sgl time due to this we will ended up argue and acted cold towards each other.

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so sad to hear that from u mummy but dont be so stress not good also to your baby.I think u need to talk to your husband about what is your main concern.So u wont pissed off.