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im 25 weeks and I tested positive, what should I do?

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i was tested positive when i’m 16 weeks. called my gynae as i was burning up with 39 degrees, and she ask me to take 2 panadols every 6 hours, not exceeding 6 pills per day, to bring down the fever. Because if the fever gets too high it will affect the baby. Other than that u need to drink lots and lots of water. Only can take normal panadol, Do not take panadol extra.

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Inform your gynea, they will give you advice and prescribe/tell you what medications are safe for you to take. Isolate at home, drink plenty of water and eat healthy food 👍🏼 Hope you feel better soon!

Take normal panadol if you need. I tested positive on week 33, no fever so I didn't take panadol. Only sore throat and coughs. Everything goes well, just home isolation

drink fresh coconut, vit c!! get lotsa rest! im 34 weeks and tested covid and still fasting. may nt be for everyone.. bt resting n naps helps alot! take care mummy :)

I was positive at week 24, took paracetamol and a few pregnancy safe medications! Rest well and drink lots of water (:

Take care of yourself. Have a good rest. and follow all advice given by your doctor. God bless you