I am tested Covid positive, i am in my third trimester. What should i eat or do to recover.

I am tested positive for covid. I am in my third trimester, i am worried for my baby. What should i eat or do to avoid complications and recover safely.

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I got Covid at 20 weeks. I just stayed home and hydrated and rested a lot. Up your water and vitamins intake. My gynae said there’s no cause for concern for baby unless I am breathless or have very high fever. She also advised that regular flu meds and paracetamol is safe to take but I avoided it as my symptoms were fairly mild. Am now 30 weeks, had 3 scans since and baby is growing well and thriving. Covid doesn’t affect your bubs and in fact gives bubs extra antibodies

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8mo ago

Noted. Good to hear that. I feel much relieved.🥹


I am 30 weeks now and Day 6 Covid +ve. Up your Vitamin C intake, stay hydrated. I had fever, flu and cough so I just took the meds dr gave during the first 3 days cos it was the worse. Now im recovering slowly so i no longer take the meds. Still coughing so I take warm honey water.

8mo ago

hi dear. how are you now? my symptoms are similar to yours and I noticed that baby kick and move more.