Covid positive.

#firsttimemom #pleasehelp I’m tested covid positive this morning. My newborn is only 2 weeks old. I’m worry that she maybe infected by me. What should I do now?

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hello fellow mommy! I was in the same boat as you.. I was tested positive for covid a few days after I was discharged from hospital.. even my husband also got it. I was so worried that I would have infected my newborn who was a few days old, esp I was holding him close to me all the time..The next day when my sis brought my baby to the PD for the jaundice review, I asked the doctor via VideoCall and he mentioned to monitor baby if he has any fever, cough, signs of unwell (not feeding/breathing well) etc. If he does, doctor say just visit KKH. also, if you are breastfeeding, doctor says it is good for baby to continue drinking so that they can get the antibodies; just need to practice meticulous hygiene when pumping, wear mask etc.. luckily my newborn was fine..! I've had a friend who did an art on her baby with the fine swab stick for children but I didn't do it on my newborn. I asked my nanny and mil to take ART everyday before handling baby and also take baby's temp twice a day.

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5mo ago

I tested negative at around day 6..

I had covid when baby was 8 weeks old (corrected age 4 weeks as she was late preterm).. I masked on whole day even when sleeping (we Co-sleep) and sanitise before I carry her each time. I was the sole caregiver and continue breastfeeding her. Baby did not catch my virus. Hang in there mummy

You should wear mask and have someone to look after if you do not direct BF. You can still pump but via bottle fed.

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Don’t worry. Keep the doctors informed and be with the baby. All will be ok.

Recommend to wear a mask and avoid breastfeeding directly.