Heavy At 24 Weeks

I'm at my 24th week now and have since gained 10kg from my pre pregnancy weight of 78kg. Last week I weigh myself at 87 and today its at 88kg! This is too many too fast gained right? Can't help it cos this 2nd pregnancy has got me all sweet toothy and I'm eating cookies almost everyday! I'm just afraid that I will gain too much again this time round as I gained 25kg for my 1st pregnancy and my girl came out at 4.1kg! I definitely will need to cut down on my carbs and sugar but would walking and swimming helps to reduce or at least keep the weight as it is now?

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Hi, I have a sweet tooth like you but I manage to control myself at the same time. I feel you~ and Yes, please start to cut down your sugar & carbs. Try to walk more. Swimming helps too! Most probably your weight won't go down but most importantly you need to eat healthy from now on. I am amazed how you give birth your first baby at 4.1kg. Isn't is difficult for you?

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2y ago

At 4.1kg of cos gynae's advice is via c sect and am glad I did cos she was really that big. However, babygirl and I did not suffer GD or other complications which was a major relieve. Thank u for ur reply! I will definitely try to watch my diet now. :)