My baby size is in 5th percentile

I'm 24 weeks pregnancy now and this is my first pregnancy. I had my ultrasound screening, doctor said everything is normal and blood flow is okay but my baby bone size is at the smaller side. I had my NIPT, all in low risk. CMV tested negative. I was told to eat more protein and healthy fats. I have started to eat more since 2nd trimester and I have gained 4kg. My husband and I are not small size. Doctor said it might be genetic and I need close follow up if anything happens to the baby and might need preterm delivery. I am wondering if any mummies out there are having or had gone through the same problem as me. Any tips/advice that can make my baby grow bigger?

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Hey I was so worried too when my kid was in the 5th percentile during my third trimester screening but my gynae wasn’t very concerned. I questioned why she wasn’t concerned and even asked for 2nd opinion. But in the end, my kid came out at 2.9kg which was much bigger than expected. Now, he’s growing fine. In conclusion, ultrasounds are an estimation. We just try our best to eat as best as we can for the baby. Hard not to be anxious but I’m sure you and baby will be fine.

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my baby was also on the smaller side in my womb, but my gynae wasn't concerned. If my gynae, with her years of experience, wasn't concerned, i decided that I shouldn't worry as well haha I tried eating avo, durian, full cream milk, but didn't help at all. probably coz my baby was predisposed to being small. He's 5 months now and growing well, exceeded 50th percentile after a couple of months of mad drinking lol

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During pregnancy gynae wasn’t concerned about baby weight, baby was born 3rd percentile. But gained vv quickly, no concerns at all :) Can eat more avocado, durian, salmon for baby to gain more when pregnant

Can try drip chicken essence