Wisdom tooth dilemma

Im 17 weeks pregnant but i need to know ?my wisdom tooth making me crazy n headache all the way .. there is a hole on my wisdom tooth ..is it possible to pull it out when pregnant?

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Perhaps you could call the dental clinic and ask since you are in pain. They might be able to advise you better

Hi, Better to consult the dentist and share with hun about the pregnancy

2y ago

call up polyclinic to make appt for dental and told them also that im pregnant but they ask me to told my gynae instead as they dont have authorise specialist to tell in my condition whether im fit to pull my wisdom tooth out or not.. so wait for my coming appt to tell my gynae .. thank you everyone for the reply .. having bad headache and the tooth is killing me too .. cannot stand it anymore

You call up ur dentist and ask. Tell them u are pregnant too

Best time to do it at 2nd tri