false negative

Im 12 days late with sore breasts + low back cramps but i took 3 pregnancy test in a range of few days apart and it’s negative… 3 would’ve confirmed is negative right? Anybody had experienced with false negative before? Also to add i am hardly late for my periods so this is the longest I’ve been late as i am usually regular #advicepls

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Tender/ sore breasts are typical symptoms of a coming period too. Try not to symptom-spot too much as the stress level can affect and delay your usual period. Since U alr done 3 tests, it’s most likely negative even with the blood test done. I’ve been through that phrase before so I know how it feels like. I’ve since gone past that stage and really learnt to focus more on being happy n contended and am currently pregnant 18 weeks. Sorry to burst the bubble but hopefully u can get pregnant soon. Try focusing more on ur personal mental health, eat well too. The belief of keeping your moods good is really true. It’s not a easy route but I believe u will get there some day!

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3mo ago

Im not ttc but i just wanted to ask as the possibility but ive just took a blood test for an ease of mind, thank you!