Bicornuate Pregnancy

Hello, I'm 10 weeks pregnant with bicornuate uterus condition. Is there anyone na may ganito ring situation? Do you have any advice? thank you.

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Hello po. Your pregnancy will be closely monitored by the doctor. The important thing is to stay and feel healthy.

same condition sis.. double uterus and 10 weeks pregnant also.. kmusta pakiramdam mu?

2y ago

Hi... i have partial septate uterus. 2x MC na :( kamusta ka po?

Hi, I have partial septate uterus, 2x MC. kamusta po pregnancy nyo?

2y ago

Hello, thank you for your reply. Mukha ngang mag uundergo din ako for lab tests para mas malaman yung cause ng MC's aside sa abnormality ng uterus. Glad to know that you are 18 weeks preggy now :) Keep safe always sis and lets claim for your successful pregnancy :)

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Hello po, i have same condition as yours, im 8 weeks palang.

3y ago

Hello, kamusta pregnancy mo?

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Pakatatag lang tayo at maging malakas..

Pray sis.. And eat healthy foods..