If given a choice, what would be ideal for your career?
If given a choice, what would be ideal for your career?
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Time flexibility
Work from home
Part time working
Day care at workplace
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Just a flash idea, Wfh law has been signed but it has no bearing kasi it is voluntary. As I see in many industries, matagal ng voluntary ang telecommuting. law makers should emphasize benefits of wfh to parents and most especially to solo parents na iniiwan ang anak sa mga yaya or family members. I've been to a company 2 years ago and wfh is already a practice pero in my current company, kahit malapit ka na manganak ay ayaw ka pa payagan dahil hindi daw practice even the law has been signed already. so for me, walang mgagawa ang batas na ginawa nika kung company discretion padin ang masusunod.

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Owning a good small business, I can manage the business anytime I want so I can enjoy any of my family bonding anytime I want.

Family & money is important in Singapore. We are really hope have more jobs for mummy who able to work from home.

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i would like to have time flexibility where I can take good care of my children and manage my own work..

Time flexibility, Ive tried working from home it doesn't work for me because I get easily distracted

Nothing beats work from home! You're always on time in everything and will never be late.

as of now, full time mom ako kasi preggy pero dati nagtitinda ko sa palengke .

Yes indeed i want earn some money but i also want to take care of my baby 😅

Time flexi. As much as i would like to work from home, for now not possible .

Work through a phone anywhere I am. And flexibility