if 3 years old couldnt speak a sentence consider speech delay?

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Maybe your kid is just a bit slow. He might be taking his own sweet time. Try talking to him a lot. Read to him, better still let him hear music or watch kiddie shows like Hi5 and Barney. My kids loved watching these shows and they were all early speakers. If you feel there's a concern with speech delay make an appointment with the Polyclinic and let them assess your child. If they see a need to worry they will refer your kid to see a therapist. All the very best to you.

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Perhaps bring your child to do some assessment at Polyclinic? Some child just seems to start later and it's just normal. My boy is a pretty late speaker too and I have the same worry as you. But eventually he started talking and he doesn't stop anymore!! Haha, anyway just seek professional help if you think it's needed.

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3y ago

How old did ur lo start talking

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Same here. He’s already 3 but still can't construct a whole sentence. He will start going to a nursery school this year.

May be your child is slow... You should consult to tge child specialist..


mine only started after 3yo but extremely talkative now

3y ago

having the same situation with my 2 yo. he's turning 3 on May 27. he was diagnosed with ASD currently non verbal but already doing his OT Therapy.

hi is ur child talking already?