Any idea what supplement or vitamin can I give to my 1 yr boy? Recently he fell sick

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For 1 year olds you can start giving him sambucol. This is supposed to boost their immunity and many parents give it to their kids before sending them to preschool or child care. Sambucol is actually an elderberry extract and is supposed to lessen flu symptoms. You can get sambucol from many places like Pupsik studio, GNC, Barett. Even my SBCC PD clinic sells sambucol too. Colostrum is another supplement you can give to boost his immunity. Colostrum can be given to infants below 1yo too. Popular brands will be Childlife and Pharmanex. Cod liver oil is also good for kids.

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5y ago

Second on sambucol. I recently got it at Watson's pharmacy counter

I have 2 boys age 4 and 1. I use on daily basis biogaia ( probiotics), cod liver oil, oxyginberry ( wholesome plant food) and when they are not well I use orchestra ( wholesome plant food), essential oils.

I start giving my now 3yo girl Scotts Fish Oil once she turned 1 yr old. It helps!

Just feed fish oil. I gave my elder when he turns 12mo and feed until now.

I give my boy Blackmores multivitamins and scotts emulsion. :)

No vitamins please. Not natural