Feeling nausea all the time

Hi! I am week 7 today. Feeling nausea all the time starting from week 6. Does anyone feel the same way too? This feeling makes it difficult for me to focus on working. What are the good remedy for this?

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It is the same for me... not only nauseous, I also suffered from indigestion, constipation, heartburn, my sense of smell is so acute that it make even more nausea... loss of appetite... And worse of all, I could not sleep well... the hormone also make suffer from yo-yo mood swing😣 I eventually had to take 2months sabbatical leave to nurse through my 1st trimester. But magically when I hit 2nd trimester, everything is back to normal and I’m full of energy and positive. So hang on there... do what help you the most to feel better. Every pregnant lady is different. Happy mama, healthy baby. Take good care and God bless you and baby 💙

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12mo ago

Oh oh... then you are one lucky Mama!! Sleeping is a great blessing... Do stay positive, before you know it, this magical experience will be over 😁 I am now progressing to my 3rd trimester.., time really flies... All the best to you and Baby💙

I am feeling the same way since week 6.. some days better, but some days really bad.. I can only try to drink milo from time to time it help me ease the feeling a little.. seemed no special remedy :( most end after 1st trimester. finger crossed!

12mo ago

Milo was ok for me till one day I suddenly feel nausea when drinking :( so I stop drinking milo alr. Hehe all the best to u!!

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Yes i was vomiting severely everyday in my first tri and couldnt keep any food down. So my gynae gave me hospitalisation leave to rest at home. You can ask your gynae for morning sickness meds too.

12mo ago

Wow it must be so hard for u!!! To be vomiting severely everyday 😔 I just feeling nausea ! All the best to u!!!

My morning sickness lasted till now. 29 weeks 1 day :) wish you all the best. I’ve not found my remedy. Do share if you have Any heh

Try the nausea band and sweets. Some skittles and himalayan salt sweet should help.