Can we visit the dentist for filling of teeth during pregnancy?

Anyone did scaling and polishing during pregnancy?

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I were 4 weeks pregnant when I went to dentist, and did an implant cleaning and full scaling and polishing. I informed my dentist about my preg before she inj numb medicine onto my implant and she told me not to worry it is safe for me and baby.. But best is you could check with the dental clinic for more advise 😊

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Dental hygiene is very important during pregnancy. That being said, it is actually ok to visit the dentist for routine scaling ang polishing. However, try to avoid any procedure that uses mercury at some degree e.g. some of older fillings have mercury content so scaling it may not be advisable.

I went at week 33 because I had a chipped tooth which I didn't want to leave it unattended until I deliver and finish confinement. I think as long as your dentist is aware, they shd know what can or cannot be performed on you, or what to take note of.

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Sure..I visited the dentist when I was pregnant 10 weeks for filling it (complex)..before procedure, i told to dentist that i was pregnant so she know my condition.. Deficiency of calcium hit me 😆

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Sure can.. Better on 2nd trimester

only on 2nd trimester.