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i was just wondering if there is ever a case whereby ur baby just lost the bond with us mums because i just started working and my mil is taking care of my baby. i am just afraid that i had lost his trust and affection. also, he's cry is different now. much much more stressing rn so #advicepls my baby is gg to be 5mo at the end of the month.

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They won’t lose the bond with you. They’ll always love and want you. Maybe he has colic? How often does he cry and isit really bad until you can’t calm him down? Cause my son had very bad colic and i cried when he cried cause it was so stressful. Cried to the point where my eyes bengkak(swollen) 😞😅 stress

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1y ago

I used comotomo bottle. So far so good. U can also try dr brown’s, phillips avent natural selection. All good