GBS infection during pregency

I was discovered by my doc that I have GBS infection and he ask me to take antibiotics for 5days. the problem is this sounds like a v serious infection that will pass on to new born. may I know does anyone have it and what should I do? I heard that the infection will come back even I finish the antibiotics. I m so super worry. please share if anyone knows anything abt this. please!

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I had it for my first but I was cleared for my second. Like the mummies said earlier, you will be put on some antibiotics administered through IV during labour. Some gynaes also give pills towards the last stage of pregnancy. I have asked my gynae before what is the cause and how can it be prevented. But there is no confirmed cause of it and there's nothing you can do to prevent it either. That's why all will have to go through swab test.

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2y ago

It is not contagious and is not an STD.

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This bacteria naturally lives in your intestines and vagina. Sometimes, it just overgrows, especially in pregnant women. But do not worry, the antibiotic will work. I was administered antibiotics via drip during my labour and my baby came out fine.

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I had it too during my pregnancy. Also took antibiotics to clear it off. This type of infection is common. Not to worry, the nurse will monitor it during labour and if it comes back, they will prescribe medication to u again to clear it.

3y ago

oic. OK. thank u.

i hv the infection too 😅 i just follow gynae order and eat the perscribed antiviotics. will have another round of it during labour through iv. don't worry,, your gynae will know what's best for you and bb

3y ago

thank you. I hope so too.