GBS Vaginal swab test

Read few posts here about GBS test for bacterial infection. Most comments suggested to do the test compulsorily. I'm week 26 now. But doc never mentioned anything about it. During what stage/week is it usually done? I have my next appointment in less than 2 weeks. Should I ask doc myself or if it is done in later stage of pregnancy then I wait for doc to suggest? Please advise. Thanks 😊 #1stimemom

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I did GBS vaginal swab text on my 35 weeks 3 days of pregnancy

1y ago

I was told about the test earlier on

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I did mine ard 35 wks..

1y ago

Nothing ah.. maybe u cn ask the doctor what is it caused by.. cos i had positive for one kid and negative for the other 2..the positive one they just put me on antibiotic drip during labour