C Sect experience and recovery

So I was dilated at 3cm for many days with no progress even though EDD was near. Pubic pain caused me immobile unless I was supported by hubs and it made me check in to labour ward as I couldn't handle the pain anymore. Admitted to triage on 9th Jan , monitored and totally no progress (not even 1cm) . So many doctors came in and out to check cervix for dilation , managed to stretch till about 4cm. Had me admitted to ward upstairs so I can rest while they monitor my progress. Next day , doc came and still no progress, I chose to get the waterbag burst , which might speed up the process. Fast forward few hours later , was in labour ward , 2 MOs tried to burst waterbag but no success until a doc came and managed to do so. I was in so much pain from all the cervix check that even when contractions were 1 min apart I didn't feel a thing. I wasn't on epidural , only relied on entonox during cervix checks. 12 hours passed and still not dilated. I ended up choosing C sect as I couldn't handle the stress of being checked down below , plus the pubic pain that I'm having. Baby girl chose to be born on my birthday (11.01) making us share a birthday. A real unboxing indeed. 馃槀 Now , that was my labour story 馃槄 I'm home now and I'm confused by what my massuese advise plus what the doctor advised and generally on Google. I'm mix feeding my baby , 80% breastfeeding and 20% formula top up. Doctors & articles I've read said to keep myself hydrated as we need it to produce enough. Massuese told me to not drink water alot as may cause swollen legs and water retention. She told me to not wear compression socks as well and just use normal ones. Doc told me to continue wearing compression socks and it will help with the blood flow and circulation since I was a c sect patient. Which one should I heed advise to? My feet are swollen now and idk if it's because of water intake or the socks. Please help??? Also what advises were given to you and did you practice them? Or did you do what was best for you? Share some tips on a speedy recovery from c sect. (Esp those who have another kid in household) Thanks in advance!!

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I wear compression stocking mainly at night when I am not walking much, at daytime I remove