3 children, too much?

I was admitted yesterday because of contractions and I am already 3 cm dilated. Everything was okay until a senior doctor came and his first question was, "This is your third baby, really?" and he started throwing in more questions. "Where do you stay?" "What type of house?" "How many rooms?" "What are you working as?" and the last thing was, "I want you to think what you're going to do with your life after you gave birth to this third baby, please consider taking contraception." I was on contraception and I still got pregnant, he suggested a stronger one now. Am I being too sensitive over this issues because the moment he left, I cried. Everything he asked, there is nothing to do with his work. Too personal, no? There's a lot of nurses and other doctors standing next to him and they were looking at me while I was expected to give specific answers. My husband and I live in a 2 rooms rental flat for now because next year, we planned on purchasing a resale house. We've been saving up a lot of money. We chose to moved out from our parent's house after marriage to be independent and we want privacy as well. We really do start from scratch. We're in our 20's. We thought that 3 children is okay? The rest of our family members have more than 3 children and we didn't judge them.

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Indeed it is too personal. I would hv argued with the doctor if I were you.. then write a formal complaint to the hospital. Sorry, I’m not a Karen but I’m not a weakling either.

I would say have as many kids as you can afford! (time, energy, money) Doctor no EQ but this is a practical issue also. Who will care for your kids if you can't afford it?

I was being asked whether I want to do contraception 1 day after I give birth to my FIRST child! God! No wonder Singapore birth rate so Low!

3y ago

Yes, i was asked if i need contraception too after i deliver my first baby and went for a checkup. The doc also explained that it’s to allow a healthy next pregnancy….


oh wow, but my gynae abit different. he asked me to at least hv 3 kids haha. aftr my 1st baby, he said to me "see u in 2yrs time" lol

i guess the SD just being concerned. Ignore the negative and be positive! It is good for u

I plan to have 3 children too! Pregnant with second one now.

What’s the name of the doctor? Pls let us all know