Pregnancy Plan of age 40 above

I wanted to have another baby but I’m 40 year old above. Is it dangerous to have pregnancy of this age?

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I had my girl at 39 & rushed for another one, a boy at 41. Pregnancy was fine for both. I am pretty much fit & healthy, with no underlying issues. When I got pregnant with my boy at the age of 41, the normal scan routine shows that he has a shorter nasal bone & abnormal heart scan. A specialist was called in, I was advised to go for the counselling bla bla. The options givens were to either go for a thorough scan, the fluid sample or terminate the pregnancy. I chose none of the above. I took the risk, I gambled. I finally gv birth at full term, baby was healthy with a perky nose bridge!! 🙄🙄 A healthy baby & he’s now 7mths old already. 💁🏽‍♀️

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My aunt had her first kid at the age of 40 and another kid at the age of 42. She was doing fine during the pregnancy but of course extra precautions must be taken. She took care of her health and control her diet well. You may speak to your gynae and have a body check up first if you’re concerned.

I had another baby at 40, unexpectedly. My pregnancy was smooth and everything went well, although the energy level cannot be compared if you are younger. haha! Perhaps you could speak to your doctor if you are planning to have one if you want peace of mind.

I think it depens on each body. Will need to seek gynae’s advise as theyre the best when it comes to this. They will analyze your health and body too

every stage will have risk .