I want to travel with my 3 children age 6, 4 and infant, any tips on how to manage? 2 children is more manageable but now i feel outnumbered. I am not ready to give up traveling as i feel my children learn much more socially when they travel. Thanks.

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It will be great if you have a helper to bring along or you can ask your parents / parents-in-law to go along with the trip. Always better with extra pairs of hands! 3 children will be too hard to manage for 2 people considering that there is an infant and a toddler. You will be very busy and short handed rushing here and here instead of exploring the place. With 2 children not overseas is already such a handful I cannot imagine 3 overseas!

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When I travel with two kids... I have already felt outnumbered ... Haha. Whenever i travel with kids, I will ask my mom in law whether she wants to follow us...normally she will tag along so that she can help out with one of my kid, and I will only take care of the youngest.