How To Choose A Gynae To Begin With

I am thinking of going to Mount Alvernia in the near future but dk how to choose a good gynae, any recommendations?

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Do your research online. Then get an appt with the gynae, see if you’re comfortable with him/her. Let your gynae know your birth plan and see if the gynae is 100% supportive of your birth plan.

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Choose one that supports yr birthplan. Have a chat and see if u can click well. 😊

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You can google for reviews or go to some mommies forum(:

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For me, I go by word of mouth from my friends .

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my family GP recommended Dr Goh Shen li from MAH.

4y ago

I didn't had a chance to consult her as her schedule was packed before I could make my first appt. My GP mentioned that she is soft-spoken and reassuring, good for first pregnancy

Word of mouth