Not sure whats wrong

I think i need help. It could be that i'm depressed as i'm always in bed and not wanting to go out, even to the kitchen. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and working full time. I always dread going to work, i dont even know why. But i force myself to. I dont even want to eat. I feel like quitting my job but if i dont work, i cannot afford to help my husband and the income. For the past months i've been searching for sahm jobs, wfh jobs, dropshipper, reseller but i cant seem to find one thats suitable for me? Or is it i just dont know how to start? Who do i look out for? Am i having issues with myself? Pls help.

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Hi Dear, I think you’re tired and stressed with work. I suggests you get your gynae to give you HL till your EDD or at least 1-2 weeks before you due date. I understand it can be overwhelming, takecare of yourself and baby. Rest whenever you can and I hope you will overcome this phase. 💪 Loves & hugs, NJ

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