I stay in Bishan. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good infantcare in that area?

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Depends what's your definition of good. Some parents are very particular with hygiene, some particular with food. Infant meals alone will have different standards. Some infant cares believe in milk being a major part of baby's diet so they only provide solids once a day. Some infant cares provide solids twice because they think it's important to supplement. Will you want your baby to eat the food you prepared from home when he starts solids? Some infant cares do not allow outside food to be consumed due to hygiene issues. And should you decide to do baby led weaning, how supportive are the teachers are towards your decision? Are they willing to also do blw just for you? The ways the teachers handle the babies also play a part. Are you ok to have teachers who allow babies to cry reasonably? Or do you prefer teachers to attend to your baby's needs immediately? Like what Jamie suggested, do go down personally to the centres to have a feel of the place. Short list a few and view them on your off day. A good experience for another mum doesn't guarantee the same experience for you as expectations are different. All the best! :)

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Everyone's definition of a "good" infant care centre differs as standards differ from person to person. I would recommend that you call up centres with available vacancies and request to view the place so you can get a feel of the environment. It's not just the centre, but also the particular teacher(s) in charge of taking care of your baby. This link shows you a list of infant care centres near your home. https://www.childcarelink.gov.sg/ccls/home/CCLS_Home.jsp

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