Potty training

I started potty training my girl when she’s 2 years old and she was diapers free by 3 years old which was just in time for her nursery. At the start it’s sure difficult to get her to inform you when she needs to go to the toilet so be prepared for sudden attacks from your child. It’s handy to have the potty near your child during the initial stage of the potty training. It’s okay if your child is not ready to be potty trained, take it slow. Do note that if they resists using the potty chair or isn’t getting the hang of it within a few weeks, take a break. It would be good to use a mattress cover when your child is taking a nap or sleeping during potty training period. You won’t want to wet the bed, cause it’s lots of work to clean it. There’s no particulars tips or tricks for me, you just have to be very patience with your child during the potty training period. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for potty training. Or share with me the most epic experience you had during your child’s potty training. #1stimemom #PottyTraining #PottyTrained

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thanks for sharing your experience! :)