Pregnant or Period?

I ovulated on 3 May 2021 (Checked with the kit) and we did the deed. My expected period was supposed to be 18 May 2021 but up till today 26 May. Test was negative. And period is not here. Had spotting earlier this morning (Brownish and stretchy) so I’m not sure if it’s a sign of period coming or pregnancy. Do have increased appetite and weird craving with fatigue recently. Have been breastfeeding my #1 even up till now. So I can’t differentiate if my boobs are swelled and tender. Anyone have same experience and can advice if period or pregnancy? Because if it’s pregnancy, I might start on folic acid and look out for my diet ! Thank you!

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What you might be experiencing is called implantation spotting. The spotting is typical during the time when the fertilised egg is implanted onto your uterus. To confirm your pregnancy, get a test kit and get yourself tested using the first pee in the morning, as it contains the highest concentration of hcg. In the meantime, you might want to start taking maternity supplements to help support your nutritional needs during this period.

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Hello! Thank tou! It turned out to be a chemicals pregnancy 😞