What to feel during pregnancy

I am now at my 5th week of pregnancy. During my first few weeks, i often feel cramps. But recently i dont feel anything at all. Is this normal?

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It's normal as all pregnant women experience is different. I'm into Week 10 now and i'm one of the few lucky ones who doesn't experience nausea. I'll get some cramps on my right pelvic area which is what i usually feel if my period does not report on time. So everything will be fine, just enjoy your upcoming scans at the doctor to watch your little one grow in your body 🙂

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Hello I had terrible cramps as well until 5/6 weeks, only after week 6 I had nausea and vomiting , don’t worry :)

Yea it's notmal to have symptoms come and go. More importantly, monitor for signs of bleeding.

It’s normal! I don’t even feel I’m pregnant for the first 2 months!

It’s normal. I had a pretty smooth pregnancy that I put on 18kg 🌚.