Postpartum Menses

Hello.. i need some help regarding on this. So actually i think it ended on 3 & 4feb? and i told doctor that it ends when i went to check up on 4feb..because usually it will came a little bit by bit (throughout the day) but then suddenly on 5 feb night i got spotting and now it come again. Is this still under postpartum menses? I do pump my breastmilk everyday as i have issue latching my LO too. So im confused... i gave birth my LO on 23rd dec so im prolly 6-7 weeks after birth already. Please help me as im super paranoid that my body having issues #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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Super Mum

Mine was like that too.. up and down. Probably only stopped having lochia after 8 weeks post partum. I didn’t consider it menses. Didn’t get my menses again till I completely stopped pumping/latching

4mo ago

Mine was flowing like i was having menses before pregnancy kind..somehow idk isit me or what i got a lil cramp isit normal?