Should i get a twin stroller or no?

Hi i need advice whether should i buy the twin stroller or just the single stroller. As my 1st born is only 1 year 1 month (currently learning how to walk) and im currently pregnant 35 weeks with my 2nd born. Im confused whether to get the twin or single stroller. Can mummies advise please. TIA. ❤️

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Super Mum

Hi Momma, I think a double stroller where you can have an extra seat in front would come in handy. I find side by side twin strollers too bulky to maneuver. Attaching a picture for your reference!

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it would be best to get the twins stroller since your 1st child is only 13 months and you are pregnant with the 2nd child at 35 weeks which can due anytime soon. Congrats to you! ❤