Do you buy a breast pump before or after you've had the baby?

Hi all! I need an advice. There’s an upcoming sale on Mummys Market and I plan to get the Spectra S1 for $299. Should I buy a breast pump before the baby comes or do I wait? #advicepls #FTM

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Buy it in advance and also the right flange size as the standard ones given might not be suitable. You can do so by measuring your nipple + 4mm. It’s important to get the right flange size from day 1 so that you can start pumping effectively and get the flow going. I had to wait 4 days for the right flange to arrive and the first 4 days yielded very little milk for me. Once I got the size right it was a breeze to pump.

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12mo ago

Noted! Thanks alot for your suggestion