Share with us how often you tell your kids you love them.

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absolutely. today, i was playing with elias and said "hug mummy!" i was so surprised when he hugged me back and said "i love you mummy!"

Every moment I carry him, I said “I love you” “mummy loves you”, then I kiss him, hug him, smell him 😍

I hug and kiss my son every single day and will say “I love you (his name)” I also got him to kiss me back.

Every moment close to him, I learn the meaning of loving him, this is the way of his love

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Everyday before bedtime and in the morning before going to work

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All the time!! it's very important that my son knows that.

All the time.. its important that they know that..

All the time and more intensely after discipline 😆

Yes. i would do it more times if i could

All the time .. as much as I could 😍