When to freeze breastmilk ?

Hi all, I would like to know the sequence on when should I freeze my breastmilk. Currently, I have excess of 400ml to 500ml of bm per day based on my 2 months LO intake. I will put in fridge fresh for 2 to 4 days. Sometimes it will start to have abit of sour smell after 2 days then I will have to throw it away. Maybe my fridge temp not right previously as I just moved the bm to chiller compartment 2 days ago. So my question is should I freeze my bm every pump or freeze partial portion and the rest put in chiller for next feeding? Also, when should I start using my frozen bm? Is it after I stop pumping bm ? I have been storing my pumped bm in a storage bag and pour for 2 to 3 feedings. Not sure is this the right method or should I store by a fixed quantity (eg 100ml). My LO refuse to latch since day 1 so I can only pump and store for feeding. Appreciate your kind advice. Thank you

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Start freezing if you have access. Eg you tryto see how much your lo is drinking per day you can start the freeze the access milk.

3y ago

Frozen milk, if you are freezing in a deep freezer you can store up to 6 months. If you are using the normal fridge freeze, advised to use it within 3 months..