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I know there have been a lot of discussions, but after choosing the "wrong" preschool for my daughter I would like to chose an international school which is academic enough, while not being pushy. Encourages and understands kids well. Please parents whose kids are currently going to schools like these, if you could reply it would be great.

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hi there, most international schools run a preschool as well. Each of the schools has a different approach - but what is common across all international preschools in Singapore is experience-based learning rather than work-sheet based. Focus is less on teaching them to read and write, but more on getting them ready to read and write. My daughter went to nursery at an international school and has continued in it and I have had great experience. You may want to look at Eton house for a smaller school size and a bit more of a balance between academic and other aspects. The most important things to look at while looking at international preschools is cost, curriculum and location. You can read this:

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hi, maybe consider a school with American school system? I have friends whose kids go there and share that the system is not all about text books, good class size and great teachers