Hi can I know is it safe to use as I having infection as gyne from A&E give me until now I never use it yet as I'm worried side effect to my baby I'm 23 week 3days ,I am 50/50 to use..thank you in advance 🙂

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i am currently using it and 21 weeks pregnant .. was prescribed by my gynae at KKH .. this is ny 2nd time .. i had vaginal infection once during my 1st trimester in switzerland as well and was given vaginal ovule by my gynae there (but their brand is only for 3 days not 10 days) .. so ya, it is totally safe ..

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Hi! I’ve been prescribed this by KKH more than once as I got recurring yeast infection due to hormones while pregnant. I’ve just given birth and baby is doing great so far!

every pregnancy I had, I was given this due to infection hahahaha uncomfortable but all good. to me personally, it helps for awhile and once stopped, it came back again lol

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hi mummy, is it suppose to hurt when you insert it? i just tried inserting it and it wouldnt go in no matter how much i push. and it kind of hurts. so i took it out and threw it away. are there any tips i can do to make it easier to go in? TIA!

I think if it is prescribed from the doc, it should be safe for you and baby. Plus the mucus plug protects anything from reaching the baby’s home from down under.

I got yeast infection before during 2nd pregnancy and doc said its ok as baby is protected in the sac so this medication wont affect baby.

most medications prescribed are consulted to pharmacist before dispensing..especially on your cases and breastfeeding😊

i've been on 3 rounds of this. my gynae says this is better than oral one cause it doesnt quite get to the baby