May I know any good mozie repellent device to recommend?

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According to this article: Devices that use ultrasonic technology to produce high-frequency sounds to repel insects were found to be ineffective. Also, devices that use ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes into an electrocuting trap are likely more effective for blue bottle flies and houseflies, not so much for mosquitoes. Came across this post where the writer used Citronella Essential Oil around the house to help ward off mosquitoes. Thought you may in interested if you are looking for ways to repel mosquitoes at home:

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I have read that you can consider devices that will lure mosquitoes in. So can consider devices such as The Mozzie Magnet which emits carbon dioxide and mild heat. But I do not have any friends who are using this so not sure of its effectiveness.

Theres a brand called OFF (orange bottle). Shld be available at ntuc