I have recently started my daughter (3.5months old) on Glenn doman flashcards. it is a newborn set. I am thinking if I should carry on with Glenn doman program or try other programs like shichida?

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The Glen Doman method focuses on intellectual and physical development, based on evidence that children can improve their capacities after repeated exposure to flashcards, music, foreign languages etc. Shichida's method is an off-shoot of the Doman but with accelerated learning techniques because studies show that children can learn more than what Doman's method offers -- photographic memory, speed reading, computer-like math calculation, perfect pitch, instant multiple language acquisition, intuition and other unique abilities were located in children ages 0-6 years. If you feel that your child cannot get more out of the Doman method, there is no harm in trying the Shichida method. However, take things slow as she is after all, only 3.5 months. Diving into Shichida at an intense speed might not be effective due to her young age.

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My baby is two months and we have started the Glenn doman set too. I don't plan to change and most of my friends saw results after 1 year of deligent use daily

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