Difference between the vaccines from Pedia and Centers

I have posted about this last month. Super appreciate all the reponses and here are some of the things I have learned about the difference of vaccines from Pedia and Centers: 1. Both have same effectivity and benefits. 2. It's just the brand that's different but it doesn't mean that the effectivity is different too. 3. You can have your child vaccinated at centers but there are still vaccines that are available only through pedia. 4. You can ask your pedia what vaccines you can get from centers. Wag ka mahiya kasi they understand naman. If you have additional information, you may comment it below. Will appreciate it. Thank you mommies! #TeamBakunanay #ProudToBeABakunanay #AllAboutBakuna #HealthierPhilippines #VaccinesWorkForAll

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5 in 1 versus 6 in 1 Generally, centers only have the 5 in 1 (pentavalent) while private pedias offer the 6 in 1. The component is the same (DTaP, HiB, and HepB) but the 6in1 already has the polio vaccine incorporated as the 6th component. If you get the 5in1 from centers, they usually also give polio vaccine orally. Does the 6in1 have lesser chance of fever? Yes, because of the way it was made. But both vaccines protect against the same type of diseases so there's no major difference (except for price hehe) whether you get from the center or a pedia.

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true true true :)